Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yaaaayyyy!!!! Nothing Broke!

Took Rosa out today and had a nice little sail. There wasn't enough wind but I took her out anyway. L came out with me for the first time and had a ball... well, not really. As there was no wind we went Sargasso Sea a couple of times and my descriptive call of '... wow, now we're really flying!!!' , just met with puzzled looks.  I don't think it was as interesting or exciting for her as I had described.
Varsity Lakes
 Main thing though, was that there were no breakages. No tears, no near misses. Very sedate sail, which was probably best. Shame it was so boring. IF she comes out with me again, hopefully there'll be a bit more wind next time.

Not Much Wind
PS. The dolly worked really well.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paint Repair

This also sits fairly flat, so rainwater stands there quite a while
Rosa-j has been sitting out in the weather since the end of October last year. I'd purchased a good quality exterior undercoat and I'd used an 'epoxy' paint (Killrust). Okay, the paint was actually for metal but still, it should have handled the weather. Unfortunately, it hasn't. Maybe it's all the rain, combined with the QLD sun but whatever the reason, the paint has not weathered well on the bow.

All fixed

The bow is uppermost, takes the full brunt of the sun and rain. I imagine there is a fair bit of expansion and contraction and I don't cover it with a tarp or provide any other protection. So today I sanded the bow and front deck back, patched up the small cracks that were beginning to form, then repainted with Wattyl Solagard. We'll see if that lasts longer than six months.