Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sail Repaired

I finally put the SS eyelet into the sail. I've got two different sized tools for fixing eyelets and this one didn't fit either. So, not the neatest job but it will do.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boat Dolly

Rosa J is a little big to manhadle by myself, just off the back of the ute. I really needed some type of trailer.

My cunning plan was to cut up a couple of old bikes and with a length of 30mm x 1.6mm SHS steel have a two wheeled dolly that would help me move the boat around. I thought it would just sit there nicely while I lowered the boat down off the ute. I don't know why I thought that, engineering design is another self-taught skill that hasn't really developed yet. But from challenges such as these, genius springs. At least I'm hoping it does because right now I have a two wheeled bit of scrap steel.

I think with a couple of extra lock-in bars I should be right. As they say in the classics... back to the drawing board (or in this case, Google Sketchup).