Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Paint Technique

Found a great way to get a good finish using the KillRust enamel.

I used a disposable 75mm foam roller. This was a specialist item, supposedly ideally suited to enamel paints. Still wasn't great as the application left bubbles in the paint surface. However, I had some cheap foam 'brushes' that said they were specifically NOT suited for enamel paints. They wouldn't be any good for putting the paint on however, they work great when used to smooth the enamel and remove the bubbles.

So, disposable foam enamel roller to put on an even, thin coating then finish with long, gentle strokes of the foam brush (known as a 'draw' stroke). Dampen the foam brush with paint first but work this paint out somewhere before use as you don't want to actually apply paint at this stage. Having the brush damp just improves the smooth draw stroke you use to remove any bubbles.

Even with this finish I can still see brush strokes from the undercoat. So, use a roller for all paint application, even the undercoat.

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