Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Progress So Far

Mast Step

Oars, foils and boom
I'm back at work for a while (supposed to be retired but occasionally get called back for various projects) so I've been 'plodding' a bit over weekends and after dinner visits to the shed. Got quite a bit done, so here are some update shots of the finished oars, off-centrecase, mast step and hull work. Things to note:
  • I accidentally bought satin varnish when I should have bought gloss. I have one shiny oar and one satin oar.
  • I've stained the deck rosewood, because I could. It was left over from a bathroom renovation I've done. I've used Wattly 7008 two-pack floor finish over the top of this. I'll have to coat that with something that will provide UV protection. Guess it's going to end up with a satin finish.
  • Finished the mast with its coat of deep indian red KillRust. Looks very nice.
  • I've added some extra bracing for rowlocks.

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