Friday, October 1, 2010

Woodwork Completed on Mast

Very happy with the mast, looks like it's come out quite well. I did miscut the solid core that goes up the middle of the mast base, made it about 10cm too short. No idea how. Always remember, measure twice, cut once. I try to do this, so I guess I measured it incorrectly twice. Dohhhhh!

I've got a friend who was making the Oz Racer or the Goat Island Skiff, can't remember. I think he told me this was as far as he got. Explained that he had the plans and a 'sticky thing' and that was it.

Must admit, this seems to be going on forever. I bit the bullet and ordered more Bote Cote. Might as well do the mast properly. Got it from Boatcraft Pacific. They seem to be the cheapest, not just here in SE Qld but pretty much in Australia. They also have some great prices on imperial measured marine ply.

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  1. I've been advised that the 'stick thing' my friend made was a sprit, not a mast. Did it all by hand with scarfed timber, hand planes, spokeshaves, sand paper. Beautifully finished and varnished. Would be quite something to see.