Monday, October 4, 2010

Spar and Oars

Busy day!

The woodwork is finished on my spar. Finished it with my power plane, router and ROS. One hassle is that my 'temporary' workbench (which has been there for over a year now and helped with the construction of kitchen benches, bathroom benches, bathroom mirrors... the list is endless) curves down at the ends a bit... well, a lot. It's only four saw horses with a strip of yellow tongue flooring across the top. I hadn't noticed until I saw my spar today. Slightly boomerang shaped. I figure that will help me find my way home.

I had bits and pieces of leftover wood from the boat and a deck that I've put in so I decided to make my own 8ft oars. I think there's about $15 worth of wood in the pair of them and the cheapest 8ft oars I could find were about 10 times that, so let's hope they work okay. Will have saved me heaps. I'm sure I'll need them for the time that my sail takes me shooting out into the middle of Lake Orr and I can't figure out how to get back.

Now it's just a case of finishing them off (oh, and building another oar; I hear they work better as a pair).

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