Friday, September 10, 2010


Couple of things I've done differently to the MKII and from what I can see of the MKIII.
  • Think I've said it before; I'm going to undercoat with a quality exterior oil base and then topcoat with Killrust, not use a two part epoxy (see Dave Carnell's page on epoxy. Look down the bottom).
  • I'm not using epoxy adhesive. I'm using Selley's Platinum or Selley's Floor adhesive. Waterproof cross linked polymers.
  • I've added an extra two splines to the external side panels, so now there is a chine and a gunwale on the exterior sheet. I tried doing that without laminating two thin pieces whilst bending them, to put in the permanent pre-bend to match the fair curve. Both cracked during the install but generally should be okay. They're just providing a wider base for gluing the deck to. Not really structural and you won't see them.
  • I'm using 4mm for everything except the bottom, 6mm for that. Hopefully, that will keep the weight down.
  • I've put a hardwood face and tail at each end of the rudder and daggerboard to help protect the western red cedar. I know it will be glassed, that is just for extra protection.
  • I've made the decks 280mm wide, which will make the cabin fairly narrow. Still, you sit on the deck, not the floor and it's really just for one person, so that should be okay.

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