Saturday, September 25, 2010

Paint Not Good

So many things wrong with the paint job:
  • Runs from putting it on too thick the first time.
  • Runs still soft, with a skin over wet paint, even after five days drying.
  • When I put on the next coat, it blistered where the runs were, despite lots of rubbing back (thought I'd got rid of all the soft paint, obviously hadn't).
  • Put the last coat on with a foam roller, and there were thousands of little bubbles that left tiny 'pin holes' in the paint.
  • Tried a lambs wool covered roller... left lambs wool in the paint!
All in all, not real happy. I'm not wasting anymore time trying to get a better finish. Time to move on.

Don't think I'd use Kill Rust again, just a good quality exterior latex acrylic house paint, probably semi-gloss.

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