Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hull Gets First Coat and Foils Cut and Shaped

Good day today, got lots done.

Actually, it was more a case of the foils not taking as long as I thought. Just used the power planer and orbital sander and before you knew it, two beautiful looking foils. For racing, Mike Storer (the designer) recommends they be glassed, then painted white and rubbed back with wet-and-dry paper until they are uniformly matte. This makes them very quick through the water.

Would you do that to two gorgeous bits of wood like that? Not me, they're getting a glassing and varnishing. Who'd want to lose that look?

I've also added kwilla (left over hardwood from the deck that I built) to the leading and trailing edges of the foils to add a bit of protection to the western red cedar.

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