Saturday, September 25, 2010

Glassed First Foil

The first foil is glassed and that didn't go real smooth either. The points to note were:
  • It takes about 12 'squirts' of epoxy to coat the glass on the large foil. 10 squirts do the small foil.
  • I coated both sides of the timber with epoxy, then wrapped it in glass. The epoxy held it in place while I put on a second coat. To keep the edges from unwrapping I used spring clamps to hold the edges together (see photo next entry). You could also use clothes pegs.
  • The foil was 'mounted' for glassing by putting long plaster board screws in each end and propping it between two saw horses. This wasn't really secure and the large foil dropped onto the floor. Took me ages to pick out the dirt and sawdust in the sticky epoxy.
  • When it dropped it snapped off a small piece of the thin trailing edge. Hopefully I've managed to repair this during the glass coating.
  • Used the glad wrap trick again to help hold the fiber glass in place. This worked well to hold the thin trailing edges in place (this is where the wrapped fiber glass met). It also seems to have worked well holding the tighter curves in place.
The 1.5 litre Bote Cote epoxy kit isn't going to be enough. I'll have to buy another one... another $65.00.

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