Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Going 3D

Here are the latest shots.

Let's see, what went wrong today:
  • Stuck the bracing on the rudder box in the wrong spot so I had to plane that off then re-glue it.
  • Got the sides on and as I was taking a picture I thought, 'How do I get the side tanks in?'. Luckily, they go in quite easy. Whew!
  • Forgot to notch out the side tanks for the bracing inside the boat. Not a biggie and easy fixed.
What went right:
  • Using picture frame clamps made putting the stern transom on nice and easy... and square.
  • Turned my router upside down in my vice and made a temporary routing table to make some space for the gudgeons on the rudder box.
  • Stripping of the tiller is going well. Should be able to re-varnish tomorrow.

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