Friday, September 17, 2010

Too Much Work

Wow, the 'glassing' and finishing takes ages. I really think I might skip this step next time, sticking to the PDR concept of getting something quick and cheap.

The $65 worth of epoxy is more than half gone and I've still got the foils to glass. Hope I have enough left. I haven't used anywhere near as much epoxy as recommended in the plans (used Selley's Platinum for gluing everything together, didn't encase the boat in epoxy, haven't used epoxy to fillet any of the joints). Basically I've only used it to coat the tiller and tiller extension and glass the hull joints.

I've also done just enough plain epoxy to cover the fiberglass, then leveled out the rebate with epoxy and high strength filler. In hindsight, I should have mixed this a little thinner than 'peanut paste' consistency so that it flowed and smoothed out a bit more than it did. Not enough to run, just enough to level. As it is I ended up with a fairly rough finish due to the thickness of the 'epoxy bog' so ended up smoothing everything with builders bog. This set faster, was easier to sand smooth and was cheaper. I know it's a little soft but it will have a lot of paint over the top of it so should be adequate. I hope...

Also, should have scraped all those runs off when the epoxy was still soft. The sander just doesn't get through it once it's set, that Bote-Cote is tuff-stuff. The plans tell you to do that but I put the last coat on fairly late and then just crawled into bed. Regretted not scraping it all back today.

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