Thursday, September 16, 2010

Edge Glassing & Rudder Box

Today I planed about 1mm off all the edges of the hull and 'glassed' 50mm tape into the resulting rebate. This seals and toughens the hull at the most likely point of failure. Important when I'm doing the Brisbane to Gladstone race. That, plus the other small bits of epoxying I've done has used up about 800mls of the 1.5lt Bote-Cote kit. Hopefully there will be enough left to glass the foils.

Of course, this is all being done in line with the OZ Racer design concepts. When M saw me doing this he wondered why I was bothering. To be honest, if I was to stick to the pure PDR concept, I'd have knocked this thing up in a day and given it a coat of exterior house paint. Might try that one day, just to see what the differences are.

Also put the first coat of paint on the rudder box. This will give you an idea what colour the boat is going to be.

I've changed varnishes too. Moved from the disappointing Wattyl Exterior to Bondall Marine Grade so let's hope the tiller arm doesn't crocodile this time.

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